We will analyse your existing systems and requirements and provide recommendations on how to improve your speed and control

Bitrix24: Demonstration

Demonstrations are provided either online or onsite. The demo’s usually last for around an hour and will be tailored to your requirements, including specific modules that relate to your business. Questions can be asked throughout and the demo’s are free of charge.


1. Learn how to configure features in the control panel settings

2. Get an overview of tasks and projects, HR management, communication tools and the CRM

3. See how business processes can automate many routine tasks

Also try the video guides on YouTube and register for Webinars

Bitrix24: Scoping

A critical analysis of your current systems and business processes provide the basis for our recommendations on how best to implement Bitrix24 within your business. We identify how Bitrix24 can effectively replace or integrate with existing systems.


1. How to efficiently move systems which have been identified as in need of replacement

2. Where existing systems can be integrated with new Bitrix24 processes

3. Whether other systems should be analysed for replacement or integration at a later date

Also try the video guides on YouTube and register for Webinars

Bitrix24: Implementation Plan

We prepare a detailed implementation plan explaining how Bitrix24 will be rolled out within your organisation. We set out the costs of licensing, engineering time, training and support, and recommend a structured and phased implementation process.


1. Detailed itemisation of each module requirements and the feature to be adopted

2. A structured implementation plan of distinct phases

3. Fixed costs for each phase and details of ongoing annual costs for updates and support

Also try the video guides on YouTube and register for Webinars

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