Case Study: Acrelec

Acrelec, Paris

Maintenance Management System

The Acrelec Group is a leading digital transformation company that provides the world’s largest restaurant and retail brands with hardware, software and services to reimagine the customer experience for the digital age.

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Acrelec provides self-ordering kiosks which improve productivity, enhance customer experience and increase sales. They needed to improve the tracking, management and control of returned kiosks and component parts from locations all around the world.



We worked with the operations team and developed a solution which can be rolled out to the regional operators and integrated into existing systems.


Acrelec now have an automated solution that has been designed to ensure a transparent and smooth movement of returned component parts from their origin through to their destination.  Additionally, being a company that operates in over 50 countries, this solution provides both the customer and employee with a platform they can access securely, track and download any necessary documentation in reference to their return whilst seeing the status of it at any given time.


Bitrix has been pivotal in the creation of such automated processes. Using both standard and custom actions to achieve the desired results.  The flexibility that Bitrix provides means that solutions are constantly evolving and adapting to the fast-paced industry Acrelec work within.