Case Study: Amazing Lash Studio

Amazing Lash Studio, Phoenix

Sales & Project Management

Amazing Lash Studio franchises worldwide, bringing the founders vision to create lasting beauty and confidence to beautify women, offer exceptional care and set the pace for industry standards, to each of its guests and to franchise owners who want to belong to a brand committed to being the best.

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Amazing Lash have 100s of franchises throughout the United States and are expanding into Internationally.  Their management team required a single solution to manage the complex process from initially receiving the inquiry through to the franchisee site being developed.  The solution was needed to automate the full process and allow the site development team to engage and push their task management to the franchisee through the system.



Intreface worked closely with the technical team at Amazing Lash to develop a fully connected process that allows them to take an inquiry all the way through to a collaborative development process and live launch of a franchisee.  Management now have full visibility of regional sales pipelines whilst also a full breakdown of date-driven franchise developments.


  • Sales Process – Working closely with the sales team, Amazing Lash can now boast an efficient, streamlined and automated sales process from initial enquiry to franchise agreement.  The accurate process ensures the sales team can run through a series of tasks and have a transparent overview of the current sales funnel.


  • Site Development & Collaboration – Once converted, each franchisee needs to build their individual store.  The complex development process on Bitrix allows the site development team and the franchisee to collaborate and work through the tasks in-hand.  Extranet workgroups play the vital role in ensuring there is only one place online all parties need to be logged in to.


  • Reporting & Monitoring – With many site developments taking place at any given time, the management can now see a clear overview of each location’s site development through their custom dashboard thus ensuring the development schedule is on-time and on-cost.
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