Cloud vs Self Hosted

Bitrix24 is available hosted in a shared cloud or as a self hosted or private cloud instance. The self hosted and private cloud solutions offer considerable advantages

Customisations & Branding

Bitrix24 self-hosted and private cloud is a full content management system which can be customised extensively. Login pages, theme colors, page layouts and menus can all be customised to suit your business. 

Extra Features

Extra features of the self hosted and private cloud include Helpdesk, eLearning and Analytics. In addition the control panel access allows administrators to configure all front end features. 

Advanced Intregrations

Integrations are possible with 1000’s of other web applications through the API, directly through the database or by simple email triggers. Integrations turn Bitrix into a hub for all your organisations activities.

  • Customisation & Branding

    • Custom CRM Fields
    • Own Logo
    • Custom CRM, Task, Workgroup Fields
    • Branded Login Page
    • Own URL
    • Custom Theme Colors
    • Editable Menus
    • Workflows on all Entities
    • Source Code
    • Custom Dashboards
    • Page Editor Tool
    • Control Panel Configuration
    • Branded Customer Portal

  • Cloud

  • Self Hosted

  • Advanced Integrations

    • Rest API (Leads Only)
    • Full API
    • Database
    • Email Triggers

  • Cloud

  • Self Hosted

  • Features

    • Workgroups
    • Chat & Video
    • Documents
    • CRM
    • HR
    • Telephony
    • Admin Panel
    • Helpdesk
    • eLearning
    • Analytics
    • Add-on Modules

  • Cloud

  • Self Hosted

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