Solutions for Bitrix24

Solutions for Bitrix24

High specification and full featured solutions, widgets and applications custom made for Bitrix24


WhatsApp in Bitrix24

Engage with customers on their preferred channel of communication with Bitrix24 CRM integration and intelligent message routing


Read more here – WhatsApp Integration with Bitrix24


Twilio Flex in Bitrix24

Multi channel call centre solution including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS and voice, intelligent routing, automated chatbots and detailed reporting


Read more here – Twilio Flex Integration with Bitrix24


Workflows on Bitrix24 Mobile App

Manage requests and approvals for common sales, project and HR processes on the mobile app.


Read more here – Workflows on Mobile App


Dedicated SMTP Mail Server

Configure your self hosted instance of Bitrix24 to send notification and marketing emails from a dedicated domain.


Read more here – Dedicated SMTP Mail Server


Chatbots in Bitrix24

Automated chatbot solutions which can be programmed to handle sales or support and integrate with multiple communication channels


Read more here – Chatbot Integration with Bitrix24


Bitrix24 Field Manager

For Bitrix24 Enterprise customers this solution makes it possible to create full separation in the CRM allowing the creation of a separate CRM for each division.


Read more here – Bitrix24 Field Manager


Time & Case Management

Tasks and document management, time recording, billing and chat and email communication for professional services businesses


Read more here – Case & Time Management


Bitrix24 Hosting Environment

Bespoke hosting environment for Bitrix24 On-Premise editions which provides optimum performance and advanced configuration


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Sales Map

View Leads and Deals on a map with pin location indicators, pop up tabs and slide in records.


Read more here – Sales Map


Absence Management

Manage leave requests and approvals and fully control annual entitlements of your teams.


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