Project Management for Law Firms

Project management solution for law firms including scoping and resourcing, task management, time recording, billing and reporting.

Project Management for Law Firms

A single solution for Legal Project Management built on‘s Work OS and including scoping for matters and preparation of matter plans. Resource management and allocation of matters to teams and lawyers. Task management and project reporting. Time recording and billing, client interfaces and management reporting tools.


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Scoping templates help lawyers gather the clients requirements and creates a structure for the project. These can be shared with the team and client at the start of the matter so all parties are synced with the project goals.


Resources are tracked to monitor who is over and under-resourced. A visualisation of teams and individuals capacity allows the business to make infomed decisions and the best use of its lawyers’ time.


Matters are generated from templates that are pre-populated with common tasks for the type of matter. All project communication is kept inside the matter board making projects run smoothly, tasks statuses clearly show the progress of the matter and automation saves considerable amounts of time on routine tasks.


Matters are tracked against project estimates of hours and duration to ensure completion on budget and to the satisfaction of the client.


Time is recorded in the tasks and chargeable time is rolled up to the client bill. A full history of time spent on matters is available and this can be synced with external billing systems.


A high level of matters is available which provides control of all client projects. At a glance, you can see the timelines, task stages, and the status of budgets. Dashboards provide managers with the information that is important to the business and allows them to make informed decisions.


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