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Self Hosted Advantages

Our webinars are the most effective way to learn about Bitrix24.  You get to see it in action and ask a Bitrix24 specialist any questions related to the webinar topic and how the features work.  All our webinars are free to attend but do require registration so that we can send you all the information you need to watch the webinar live.  At the end of each webinar a Q&A session is held.  Our webinars are conducted in English and take place on a YouTube live session.  Each webinar is recorded and placed into our webinar archive on our YouTube channel which can be found here.

Self Hosted Advantages Webinar

An introduction to Bitrix24 Self Hosted and Private Cloud solutions which offer advanced functionality, customisation and integration capabilities. If you are evaluating Bitrix24 Cloud or Self Hosted, this webinar will help you understand which solution is right for your business. We will cover:


1. The advanced ways Bitrix24 Self Hosted can be customised and branded

2. The integration possibilities available with Self Hosted

3. The extra features included in Self Hosted


Next Webinar: 22nd November 2022 @ 11am EST

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